How to ask questions that boost your creativity

questions to boost creativity

On today's morning tea break, I was reading the O Magazine, and was reminded just how much I love Oprah.  (It was in her magazine that I read the article that lead to my pursuing life coach training and transforming my life forever!)  I'd been thinking about writing to you about questions for a few weeks, and I open the January issue and see her theme of the year is - questions!!  

A sign if ever there was one!

So. Questions.

As a coach and teacher, they're part of my regular tool kit.

Questions are also how we make meaning out of the world. How we learn about the world.  How we interact with the world.

But here's the thing about questions.  Our amazing brains will find the answer to whatever questions we ask, just as Google will find a response to every query.  So if we ask "What's wrong with me?", we will find an answer and evidence.  If we ask "Why do I keep not reaching my potential?", our brains will provide an annotated list.  

But these answers aren't ultimately helpful.  Because, more often than not, they come loaded with a heaping plate of doubt, shame, frustration, and anxiety, leaving us feeling stuck, stagnant and even bewildered.

If we want to feel better, create better, live better, we have to ask better questions.

One way to do this is to ask what spiritual teacher Denise Linn calls "noble questions": questions that already assume the positive in their context.  Questions such as "How can I do this even better?", or "What would make me even happier?".  Feel the difference?

There's one question in particular I'd like to guide you to today, though.

"What can I do to bring myself joy today?"

It is through our joy and our yearning that our intuition and the Divine speak to us.  Following joy is like following bread crumbs to the seat of our souls.  And when we are connected to our souls, our creativity rings with resounding authenticity and impact.

So it is this question that I am starting every day with in my daily morning journaling, and I encourage you to do so as well!

What would bring you joy today?  What could you do that would bring you pleasure?  

You never know what will happen or who you will meet or what synchronicities will arise when you're following your joy!  But you'll be connected and fulfilled, regardless.

Happy questioning!