Making Space for Creativity

make space creativity

Do you make space for your creativity?

I don't necessarily mean space as in room for your supplies or for the act of creating, though that can certainly be part of it.

I mean space in your life.

One of the biggest complaints I've heard over the years is "I don't have the space or time to (fill in the blank) - practice, paint, audition, design, bake, etc.  I've certainly been guilty of the same comments.

But I came across a post from someone the other day asking "Do you create more than you consume?", and it got me thinking - do I?  I'm not sure.

There is soooo much to consume these days.  Gifts and holiday traditions, social media, news, favorite tv shows, blogs, podcasts, even clothing and appliances.  Our society is built on consumerism and from an early age the predominant message in advertising is about buying something to fix ourselves or make ourselves feel better in some way. 

What if, though, we would actually feel better if we stopped consuming so much and started creating more?

What if we made space for creating?

Restored the balance between the input and the output, the giving and receiving, so that we can be in harmony with the laws of nature once more?

What might that feel like?

Our breath gives us a good clue.  Try, right now, blowing out all the air in your lungs by hissing and pulling in your abdomen.  Now keep blowing.  Keep blowing.  Pause.  Keep blowing.

Can't do it? No air left?

Now, relax and release your abdominal muscles. 

Air rushes in, right?  It feels like such a relief to have that fresh oxygen again, the expansion in the body, the invigoration.

Nature abhors a vacuum.  It craves balance.  An equal and opposite reaction to every action.

An inhale for every exhale.  Rest after play.  Being after doing.

And when we fight against this natural balance by giving, giving, consuming, consuming, doing, doing, we might feel... spent, with no space left.

So this holiday season, I invite you to explore where you are on this continuum. 

And if you'd like to have more balance between the consuming and creating and make more space for your creativity, I invite you to join me in a free 14 day challenge I'll be starting on Jan. 2nd.  We'll be decluttering our physical, online, mental, emotional, and spiritual spaces to make room for fresh creative energy to flow in the new year so we can feel relieved, spacious and invigorated once more.