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Squarespace Website Design

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Intuitive Website Design for Creatives, Healers, & Coaches

Tell your clients, “’re home.”

 It takes more than chocolate chip cookie fragrance to turn your house into a home.


Realtors everywhere have a trick for selling your house faster: make it smell like freshly-baked cookies.

So some people buy a room fragrance that smells like chocolate chip cookies.

Others may actually bake some cookies.


But you’re different. You don’t like “tricks.”

You want your home to feel genuinely warm, welcoming, and inviting.


The same goes for your online home (AKA, your website).

When you visit your website, you want to feel like you just walked in the front door of your dream home.


That little “ahhhh” that escapes your lips as you revel in how perfectly it looks and feels like you.

Website visitors show up and just love what you did with the place.

They want to be your friend (client) right away so they can enter and bask and grow in your online home and business.

squarespace website design

But how do you even get started?


You know you could DIY, but you don’t trust your tech skills and frankly, the thought of doing so feels akin to scrubbing filthy toilets.

You could ask your best friend’s partner, but how do you explain to a corporate techie how you want your website to feel like a grand foyer with the chandelier you’ve been lusting over in the Anthropologie catalog?

Meanwhile you just want to work in your business, help your amazing clients and make your art, and quit stressing and swimming in overwhelm soup over the current state of your website.


What you need is a website designer that sees YOU.

Someone who intimately understands your unique gifts as an artist, healer, or coach.

Who can translate your ramblings and visions into something clear and radiant, sounding a clarion call to your raving fans.

Who’s willing to sit with you, hold your hand as needed, and give you the tools you need to move forward and change the world.



I use my intuitive, creative, and coaching skills to design websites that:

  • Capture your authentic voice – visually

  • Make it easy for you to update and maintain by yourself – so you don’t have to pay someone to keep your site functioning or make changes when you need them

  • Give you an online home you can be proud of – that your ideal clients will gush over as soon as they walk in the door


Get the online home you've been searching for

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Website & Design Services

Your website is your energetic calling card to the world.

Which means, you need a website that not only communicates your message but also aligns with who you are in order to attract your ideal clients and fans.  

Using Squarespace or Weebly, we'll design a website that is easy to use, easy to update, and shares your work in an authentic way without breaking the bank.  

Clean, creative, inspired, affordable.

New Website Design Package

  • 90 min branding consultation call

    - 2 guided meditations and over 20 questions to probe into the heart of your business and authentic self so the visuals are grounded in who you really are

  • copy prompts (as needed)

  • 3 logo options with revisions on final selection

  • .png or .jpg files of all visuals so you can use them throughout your platform channels

  • 2 holistic coaching sessions to through any fears, doubts, questions, or concerns that may arise during the process due to increased visibility or have held you back in the past

  • 5-7 page website

    - Website design can include newsletter, scheduling, and blog integration, imagery selection, layout and formatting, basic SEO input with provided keywords, e-commerce, and more!

  • 30-60min. Squarespace or Weebly teaching session (if needed) so you can keep your site updated without additional expense!

  • email support and hand holding throughout the process

Rates start at only $2500!  .

Design tweaks and site redos are also available, please contact for pricing

Reach out today and let me help you get away from the computer and into the world.

As an added benefit, when you choose me to design your new Squarespace site, save 20% on your first year of new hosting through my membership in the Squarespace developers circle!

Squarespace users can also receive the Emerging Entrepreneur plan with Acuity Scheduling absolutely FREE!


Other Design Services

I can also help you with your marketing design needs for print, web, and social media.  Reach out for pricing.


Satisfied Clients

I am a composer, musician, and artist - a “creative” with a deeply personal vision and approach to my work. I also need a way to put what I do out into the world and make a living. Angela Winter, bless her, has done that for me. With her keen intuition, her innate artistry and sense of balance, her pragmatic and knowledgeable business sense, and her infinite patience, she created for me a beautiful website that authentically represents my work and the soul from which it emanates. It also provides for me multiple avenues for income generation and connection with other artists.

I absolutely recommend surrendering your art or your business, or your vision for your art or your business, into Angela’s very capable hands. You will be glad you did.
— Lori Reckling,


The websites that Angela have designed for Great Plains give potential clients the global, emotional, sensory experience of coming into the office. The color palate, the spacing, the images and the text design all combine to communicate what it is like to interact with our staff and the feeling of our space. And it all happens as soon as they land on the splash page, before they even read the text.

We have spent a lot of money on websites before and they all communicated the information about our practice - what we do, costs, philosophy etc.- but they were really just well organized bulletin boards with good visuals. However, they did not give someone the experience of how it feels to work with our multifaceted practice.

Not so with the sites Angela has created. Her design process really puts the whole experience of our clinic right on the web. When a potential client calls no one has to wonder if they know what we are about, they have already experienced it. In fact, we have had many clients after their first visit say, “ My experience today was exactly what I expected from looking at your website.” THAT is a digital presence, the whole reason we have a website.
— John Macy, President, Great Plains Pilates and Physical Therapy,


With this being my first website, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted and went back and forth quite a few times with Angela. She remained patient with me throughout the process and ultimately helped me take the images/ideas in my head and translate them onto a page. Her creativity and empathy meant that she understood my needs and desires, and was able to help me capture the ‘feel’ that I wanted for my website. The result is a clean and elegant design, with the inclusion of several features that I hadn’t considered in my original plan.

Most of all, I appreciate how Angela was open to any changes I wanted to make. She always responded quickly and took the time to explain different options. I always felt like my website was a priority. I’d recommend Angela to anyone: she’s positive, big on ideas and listens deeply, so that you get the website you were looking for.
— Nav Purewall, Life & Career Coach,


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