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Intuitive Website Design for Creatives, Healers, & Coaches


Does this sound like you?


You're ready to attract your ideal clients or raving fans.

You know what you do, why you do it, and you're ready to share it with the world.


Yet you struggle to figure out what exactly your website needs to look like,

or you don't want to be bothered with the technical rigamarole it takes to realize your vision.


You're tired of trying to follow everyone else's templates and 'rules', and you just want a site that looks and feels like home.

I'm here to help.

Imagine seeing your vision realized, your message shared, on a website that's easy to update and maintain by yourself.

Clean, creative design that captures the essence of who you are and your work in the world.

Because the world needs you sharing your light, not stuck behind a computer.

Get the website you've been looking for

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With this being my first website, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted and went back and forth quite a few times with Angela. She remained patient with me throughout the process and ultimately helped me take the images/ideas in my head and translate them onto a page. Her creativity and empathy meant that she understood my needs and desires, and was able to help me capture the ‘feel’ that I wanted for my website. The result is a clean and elegant design, with the inclusion of several features that I hadn’t considered in my original plan.

Most of all, I appreciate how Angela was open to any changes I wanted to make. She always responded quickly and took the time to explain different options. I always felt like my website was a priority. I’d recommend Angela to anyone: she’s positive, big on ideas and listens deeply, so that you get the website you were looking for.
— Nav,
aligned website design

Design with alignment

My unique combination of skills and experience allows me to not just give you a website and marketing materials you adore, but also to help you clarify and capture the core of your vision when needed.

As a singer, voice teacher, and certified life coach specializing in creativity, I know the creative and helping professions intimately.  I am also a graduate of Marie Forleo's bschool, giving me the knowledge of an online business' needs.  Furthermore, I am highly intuitive and trained in two different energy healing modalities (Reiki and Crystalline Consciousness Technique), helping me to connect with, and support, your site's energetic alignment.

Why design?  During the maternity leave of my second child, I realized that I have always really LOVED creating the websites for my own businesses over the past ten years, and following what you love is always the best path forward!  Now I am delighted to bring my experience and love of design to your own site.

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Your website is your energetic calling card to the world.

Which means, you need a website that not only communicates your message but also aligns with who you are in order to attract your ideal clients and fans.  

Using Squarespace or Weebly, we'll design a website that is easy to use, easy to update, and shares your work in an authentic way without breaking the bank.  

Clean, creative, inspired, affordable.

A new, full website (5-7 pages) starts at only $1000.  

Design tweaks and site redos are also available, please contact for pricing.

Website design includes newsletter and blog integration, imagery, copy suggestions/editing, layout and formatting, and basic logo creation.

Reach out today and let me help you get away from the computer and into the world.

As an added benefit, when you choose me to design your new Squarespace site, save 20% on your first year of new hosting through my membership in the Squarespace developers circle!


Other Design Services

I can also help you with your marketing design needs for print, web, and social media.  Reach out for pricing.

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