On pleasure and creativity

What is your relationship with pleasure?

Do you seek it hedonistically? Do you turn away from it, convinced it's not for you? Do you hunger for it?

What if I were to tell you that pleasure is a far greater motivator than your inner critic or taskmaster could ever be?

Or that creating a life that brings you pleasure is one that is in alignment with your deepest truth?

Would you believe me?

I'm talking deep, soul-fulfilling pleasure that nourishes you, fills up your well, and makes your life truly worth living. I'm talking pleasure that makes your body rejoice, expand, and surrender.

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What needs to shift for you to experience more of this pleasure?
What needs to heal for you to allow yourself more of it?

What does your body feel like when you're in pleasure?

What activities would bring more of this feeling into your life?
What activities/thoughts/people/things/beliefs are NOT bringing you pleasure and need to be released?

When you allow yourself to experience pleasure your creativity opens, your heart softens, you feel fuller and more trusting.

When you allow pleasure, instead of pressure, to motivate you by actively seeking or creating pleasure in even the most mundane tasks, you become less resentful, annoyed, and more radiant.

When you create out of pleasure instead of trying to please others, your creations, website, art will resonate more strongly with those who need your gifts.

So if you drop into your body, into your heart, and open to the still, small voice within, what does it want you to know about pleasure?

And how can you receive some today and for the coming month?

Angela WinterComment