There's never enough time!


Elusive.  Constant.

The same for all.  24 hours.

So how do some people seemingly accomplish so much while others so little?

How do some people feel there's never enough time for anything they want to do, while others almost seem to expand time?

In keeping with my last article on dropping the 'shoulds' in life, I'm dedicating this month to helping you make more time for yourself and your passions.  For when you can feel spaciousness around the concept of time, there is much more room for your authentic voice to speak up and actually get heard!

The answer to the above questions, as I've learned it so far at least, is simple.  (But not always so easy.) Presence and prioritization.

The first element, presence, is something I talk about often as it is the foundational ingredient to discovering and connecting with your authentic voice.  In this case, being present ceases the mind chatter that is constantly telling you there isn't enough time.  It also ceases the chatter that says you HAVE to do something... everything! 

And once you find this presence, you can begin to prioritize.  Not from a society-imposed/should/must/have-to place, but from a stillness that allows YOUR voice to speak more clearly.

This process is one I've been using a lot these past couple months as I juggle a myriad of business, family, and personal tasks and dreams.  There are still some days where I slink into overwhelm and feeling like I'll never possibly be able to accomplish all I want, but most days are feeling spacious, graceful, even easy.  And time actually seems to move more slowly.

For the next couple weeks, I encourage you to focus on the first element, presence, in whatever way works for you.  Meditation.  Mindfulness.  Yoga.  Creating.  Really allow the thought "I am fully present to this moment" to take hold in your mind.

Then in my next post we'll look at prioritizing.

To find presence and stillness in just one minute, try one of my favorite exercises, courtesy of Eckhart Tolle:

Close your eyes and hold your hands out in front of you. Sense your hands, and ask yourself: How do I know I have hands? Ponder this for a few breaths.

Did you notice how, for at least a split second, your mind was blank as it contemplated?  That is stillness.  Presence.  That is what forms the foundation of discovering your soul's song, and for expanding the sense of available time in which to let it sing.

Let me know in the comments below:  What's your favorite way to be more present?  Can you sense time slowing a bit as you find more stillness?  I'd love to hear your results!