It all started with purple hair...

When I wrote my last post over a year ago, I had no idea what was in store for me.  I knew I needed rest and time to be with my new baby, but I had no idea I would need so much rest or that yet another new creation would come to be born before I could return to business as usual.  Or that it would all start with purple hair...

Last fall as I was starting to get restless from new motherhood, an urge came over me:

I wanted purple hair.  I NEEDED purple hair.

Don't ask me where this urge came from, other than that my favorite color is purple, I just knew I had to listen to it.

I'd swear it was a conspiracy by the Universe, for no sooner did I show my hairstylist the color I was searching for, then she knew exactly the shade.

Three hours later, I emerged from the salon in a daze.  The woman who looked back in the mirror at me was not the same woman as that morning.  This woman was the truest version of me.  The version I'd been searching for much of my life.  She was radiant, confident, wise, bold.  She was someone who knew that life was meant to be lived out loud.  She was a woman who knew that the outside finally matched her deepest core self.

That was over 8 months ago, and I still smile at her in the mirror.  I forget about her sometimes in the fog of diapers or sleeplessness or wild creative ideas, but I know she's there, watching out for me.

voice creativity coach purple hair

The purple hair may seem insignificant to some, but to me, it's been transformative.  

Always the 'good girl' growing up, I never did much of anything rebellious or outwardly expressive except for my music and dance.  And as a result, I always felt a little hidden.  Like there was this secret part of me that no one could see - and, I feared, that no one would like if they could see.  The truth is that it was me who couldn't see it.  I was too busy trying to fit in and win approval and survive to let the real me shine.

But when I heeded the nudge for purple hair, she came out of hiding, and as a result, so did all sorts of ideas.

No longer afraid of being fully seen (how could I be? I had PURPLE HAIR!), other parts of me I was tucking away for fear of disapproval and rejection decided they needed to be seen as well.

So here I am.  The same. But more fully me.

My new site, Awakened Creator, is the result.  A little bit grounded nurturing and practical voice and life tools and a little bit mystical magic spiritual goodness, all aimed at helping your creative self shine its brightest.

How about you?  Is there an urge you've had lately that you need to heed?  If you could do anything, without repercussion, to reveal more of your true self, what would it be?  Let me know in the comments below!