Finding Your Creative Calling

creative calling

I believe that part of our reason for being in existence is to create, to express our unique voice and help make the world just a little better by sharing it with those around us.

But how do you know what it is you're meant to create?

Once you've accepted that you are creative, and recognized that the path of creativity is not linear, how do you know what your calling is?  How do you find what your unique creative gift could be? 


It's easy to let the outside world dictate this to us:


Oh, you're great at drawing, you should be an artist.

You're so talented at building, you should be an engineer.

You have an incredible voice, you should be a singer.


Or conversely,

I know you love to play tuba, but you should really go into music business instead.

Your classical composing is so special, but you should really write for commercials instead.


Or insert your own version of the well-meaning, but often hurtful, advice here.


But when we take on the should of others, we neglect to hear our own inner voice, our own desires.


We can end up building a life that pleases others and looks great on the outside, but inside feels like a big pile of moldy cheese.

Or more often, what I see in so many soulful creatives, we can end up circling, trying our hardest to build a life that checks all the boxes, but never seems to result in anything resembling the success we feel we should have.


The truth is, you're good, talented, and perfectly capable at LOTS of things.  


But not all those things will bring you the fulfillment you ultimately crave, and not all those things are your calling and original genius.


So what will, what is? How do you find it?


The two questions I pose to clients to get started are:

What feels like joy?

What feels like freedom?


For your creative calling comes from within.

Your creative calling is not just what you may have a natural affinity for, but what lights you up with joy, bliss, and expansion throughout your body every time you do it.

Your creative calling is what your passion, your curiosity, your childhood play, and the heroine's journey of your life lead you to.


And often, your creative calling is the thing you resist claiming the most.  Because it's likely so easy for you, you don't even regard it as a gift.


So get still and feel into the knowing spaces of your heart.  Allow the questions to permeate your being and ask them for guidance.  The answers might just surprise you!