Expectation, Suffering and Authentic Voice

Awaiting.  Anticipation.  Hopefulness.
A way to feel more in control.

A way to make more sense of the world.

If this, then that.

And yet.

All too often...

A root of suffering.

Expectations unmet.

Hopes dashed.

Spirits crushed.

Lies believed.

We all have them.

We're programmed with them from the beginning of our lives.

If I cry, then I'll be fed.

Our parents say, if you don't do this, I'll take away that.

Reward.  Punishment.

Good intentions - for safety, success, health, societal functioning.

Still they go awry.

If I'm perfect, they'll love me.

If I get this degree, I'll have a successful career.

If I accomplish everything, I'll be happy.

If they don't love you... If you don't feel successful... If you're not happy...

It's not you.

It's your expectations.

Programming we accept as true that may not be.

So, I ask:

What are you expecting? Who would you be if you let it go?

When we surrender attachment to outcome... When we release our expectations of every moment, every situation, every person...


Space results.

And in that space dwells the Divine and your authentic voice.