Envisioning your voice


A new year, a new you.  So goes the saying, and while I don't personally believe we need to make ourselves over every year ad nauseum or beat ourselves up with endless resolutions, I do enjoy infusing fresh energy each year into my home, spirit, and work. One of the activities I love to do as part of this is to create a vision board.  Lots of different names are given to this process, and the internet is full of directions written by various people, but essentially it's a collage.  You cut out images and words that catch your eye, spark your imagination, and make you feel wonderful, and then you glue them on a piece of posterboard.  It's simple, and yet, somehow it's magical.

Somehow the act of creative freedom and process gets us out of our critical logical minds.  Somehow the finished product makes us smile.  And the more we look at it the more we smile.  And the more we smile, the more aware we become of the feelings and images that cover our paper.  And the more aware we are, the more we notice those images, words, and feelings in our day-to-day lives.  And before we know it we've created those same feelings within our lives, through the activities and relationships that fill our reality.  Magical, but not magic.

This process can be used as a general guide for a year ahead as I've done in the picture above, but it can also be used for specific things like finding/buying a house, or finding "the one", or really any topic for which you would like a little inspiration.  So I thought, why not make one for our voices, our art, and how we want to express ourselves in the world?  Let's cut out images and words that make us feel like we want it to feel when we're singing and/or making music.  Whether it's technical or expressive or performance prowess we seek, let's think about what we want to feel and find images and words that create that for us.  Who knows,

Without struggle.

Now that's a great new year!

This is also a great tool for centering and focusing before an audition or performance, just snap a picture to keep on your phone and re-envision anywhere.

Go ahead! Pull out some old magazines and start cutting and envision your voice!  I can't wait to hear how it works for you.