Breath, voice, and self-compassion


I have spent the better part of this week thinking about what I want to share with you... I had high hopes for branching out into video, or recording a chant, or sharing one of the many messages I have embodied this fall... but every attempt has resulted in technology breakdown, procrastination, and inner critic yammering.  So instead, I'm going to share with you this... It's ok.

It's ok that moving forward sometimes feels sticky and hard.

It's ok that best-laid plans wither and fumble.

It's ok that the universe seems to work against all your efforts sometimes.

It's ok that the obnoxious voice of "you're not enough" or "no one will like you" takes up residence inside your head some days.

It's ok that days go by when you find yourself lurking on Facebook for hours instead of completing the endless list of to-dos.

It's ok because you're human.

It's ok because reality happens and, as spiritual teacher Byron Katie writes, "when you argue with reality you lose, but only 100 percent of the time".

It's ok because to not accept that it's ok is to self-judge, self-shame, and stay stuck.

Surrendering to and accepting what is, whatever that might be, is the simplest (though not necessarily the easiest) way to move through it.

And it's ok because self-compassion allows the body to relax, the voice to release, and the spirit to soar.



So think of something you've been struggling with lately.

Let yourself fully inhabit the situation and speak aloud about it.

Notice your body, breath, and voice.

Then close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Inhale. I accept. Exhale. I surrender.

Inhale. I surrender. Exhale. I accept.

Inhale. It's ok. Exhale. I'm ok.

Repeat as needed.

Notice how your body, breath, and voice have shifted, and perhaps even your perception of the situation.

Then let me know what you noticed in the comments below!