Self-care and Creativity

We are creators.  We are also friends, lovers, partners, caregivers, siblings, daughters/sons, and more.  Sometimes the rope feels pulled so tight we fear it might snap.  Sometimes we find ourselves at the very bottom of the to-do list - if we make it on at all.  Sometimes we forget that how we treat ourselves is how we treat our art.  Sometimes we forget that we matter, too.

If you, like many of my clients - and myself - at times, are struggling to take better care of yourself, these thoughts are for you:



You are a vessel for creation.

When you take care of yourself, you take care of your art.  You cannot create from a state of deprivation, depletion, or resentment.

Think of a pregnant woman and how she and the baby, this miraculous creation, suffers if she doesn't eat enough, drink enough, sleep enough, etc.  

We are always pregnant in one form or another, if not with a baby, then with ideas, and we need to nourish ourselves just as much - all the time - in order to bring those ideas and creations to delivery.  It takes strength to launch them into the world and building strength requires self-nourishment.


Self-care looks like nourishing your body through nutritious food, movement, and ample sleep.  It also looks like treating yourself with kindness through self-compassion, self-prioritization, self-acknowledgement, and a fundamental belief that you are inherently worthy.



What do you want?

What do you hunger for? 

What needs do you have that aren't getting met? 

Where do you deprive yourself in the name of not being selfish, or lazy, or because other priorities (family in particular) feel more important?

And most of all, What would love do?


Your hungers are holy.

Your yearnings are sacred.

Your needs are worthy.

You cannot give to those you love from an empty chalice.

You cannot birth new ideas and creations into the world from a state of depletion.

You are a creation of the Universe, as much as your children if you have them, as much as the great art that fills the world.



You are worthy. 

You deserve to be cherished and held in your own arms as the Divine spark of light that you are.  


As a challenge, dedicate the next 2 weeks to meeting one need of your own every day.  Make it come first, as a non-negotiable.  Your kitty won't die of starvation if you take 10 minutes to write first.  Even your newborn won't be scarred for life if you take 10 minutes to shower first. 

Cherish yourself and grow strong. 


You are a vessel for creation.


Love and blessings, Angela