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Sacred Sisterhood in Northern VA 

Your life is full - with people, activities, adulting.

Yet, you’re kind of lonely.

You feel isolated in your busy-ness, and you’re tired of feeling like you just don’t ‘click’ with most people you meet.

You crave deep, authentic conversation, and the superficial chats about your weekend plans with your next door neighbor just don’t cut it.

You yearn to say what you’re REALLY feeling and not be judged, blamed, or shamed for it.

You love to experience a sacred pause in all the hustle and bustle and reconnect with your inner guide and the Divine.

You want to feel safe - to laugh, cry, learn, grow, heal, and deepen your relationships - with yourself and with other like-minded women.

You have longed for Sisterhood, in its most beneficial form.

So have I!

Welcome to ASCEND.

Authentic Soul Community, Expression, Nourishment, and Divine connection

A welcoming, inclusive community of women building a Soul Sisterhood.

Part Circle and part transformational workshop, each month we focus on a new theme and enjoy deep, authentic conversation, music, Qoya-inspired movement, connection to the Divine, and rituals and exercises to bring depth, growth, and sacredness to our everyday existence.

(And hot tea and goodies, too!)

Upcoming circles:

Sunday, May 19, 3-5pm (Full Moon)

Saturday, June 29, 3-5pm (New Moon)


Intuitive Wellness Center, 8996 Burke Lake Rd, Suites L106, Burke, Virginia 22015



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What do I wear? Comfortable clothing that you can move and sit on the floor in

What do I bring? A journal or paper/pen for exercises or in case something arises you want to remember, a pillow or something to sit on if you feel you need it, a travel mug if you want hot tea, and your beautiful self!

Do I have to come every month to participate? No! While we’d love to see you frequently to build a sense of community, we’d love to have you join whenever you’re available!

What if cost is a barrier to entry? If cost is a true hardship for you, please contact me to make arrangements.

What is your refund policy? No refunds are available for women’s circle events. However, should a situation arise that prevents you from attending, please notify me immediately. Registration may be moved to an alternate date one time only with advance notification.

Have other questions? Email me!