Walking in This World Discussion Group

Walking in This World Discussion Group


Does your creative life feel meh?

Do you feel like you're going through the motions or following the "rules" of your chosen art form, or no longer even have the time for your art?

What would you give to feel re-energized as a creative person?  To see wonder and inspiration everywhere you look and express your creative gifts throughout your daily life?

What if re-discovering and nurturing your creativity could not only benefit you, but our world as well?

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Walking in this World Julia Cameron

Michele awoke and reached for her pen and notebook.  She had been writing her morning pages for months now after completing The Artist's Way.  She still begrudged the early waking, but it was amazing how much they helped.  She felt clearer, more open.  

And she heard things now.  Whisperings of 'try this' and 'this sounds like fun'.  She was learning to listen to these whisperings.  She didn't know what they were or where they came from, but she was starting to trust that they worked like magic.  Every time she actually did what they said something amazing happened!  Just the other day she was writing about needing an idea for a new project.  Later that day, she felt a nudge to listen to a class online.  She worked through the exercises given and during her morning pages - bam!  - the idea, crystal clear and gilded in gold.

And yet.  Her creative spark still felt weak.  A flickering light that occasionally flamed but often went out.  And she felt... alone.  


"Great Creator.  God.  Whatever.  If you're listening, I need more," she wrote.

"My voice is no longer buried.  I no longer feel stuck.  But what now?  What next?  If I'm not following all the rules and running on autopilot, then what?  I'm not shriveled anymore, but I'm barely crawling.  How can I run?  How can I keep from getting stuck again?  The fears of judgement and rejection are still there.  The doubts creep up incessantly, calling 'you're not good enough' at every weak moment.  When do they stop?  When will I finally just feel free and create and sing like I did as a child?  When do the baby steps turn into spinning leaps?  

I want to fly.  And I want to believe I'm not doing this alone.  But no one understands.  Not really.  And though I know you're there, our relationship feels a little on again off again, like my boyfriend in the 10th grade with his passionate phone calls at night and cold shoulder in the halls at school.

Can I really do this?  Do I really have anything original to say?  Can I walk this creative path without tripping and falling on my face?  I'm trying to follow what I hear, but what if I fail? 

Help me.  Please?"


Michele put down her pen, threw on some clothes, grabbed her sneakers and headed out the door.  Maybe a walk would help...

Art is tonic and medicinal for us all. As an artist, you are a cultural healer.
— Julia Cameron

Walking in This World

by Julia Cameron is the next step in the Artist's Way journey to

higher creativity.

creativity spiritual journey Julia Cameron

A pilgrimage for the creative soul, it leads to discovering a sense of origin, proportion, perspective, adventure, personal territory, boundaries, momentum, discernment, resiliency, camaraderie, authenticity, and dignity, providing you the supplies of clarity and encouragement for your creative journey.  

It will show you how to walk through this world with a sense of wonder, how to embrace the creative being you inherently are (even if you're not engaged in a specific art form) and how to move forward even when you're afraid.

Even if you've never read The Artist's Way or read it years ago, if you, like Michele, crave more insight, enthusiasm, wisdom, and assistance for your creative life and are ready to shed light on the obstacles that lie along your path, I invite you to join me.  


The world needs your creative medicine.


Starting Monday, September 18, we’ll spend 12 weeks working through and discussing Walking in This World, traveling deeper on the spiritual path of creativity.


Each week will involve reading and exercises around a theme designed to help you get out of your own way so that the Great Creator (or God or the Universe or your Soul or whatever feels right to you!) can create through you with greater ease.

You’ll write daily morning pages and take yourself on a weekly Artist’s Date to clear out the internal clutter and re-invigorate your sense of wonder, inspiration, and commitment to yourself.  And you'll add a weekly walk to get you out of your head and into your body, engaging with creation and connecting to the creator.

Then we’ll come together each Monday to listen and share and support.


Weekly 60min calls Mondays at 8:30 ET. Sept 18 - Dec.4.

Required materials:

The Artist’s Way class with Angela was so inspiring! Each week I learned to delve a little more deeply into the blocks that are stopping me from living a creative life of my choosing. I feel as if I am now in a place that is open to all possibilities and that nagging censor has calmed its voice. Thank you Angela for all that you did to lead a wonderful class!
— M.U., Colorado
Angela notices things about me and explains them in a way that I understand. Very helpful and insightful!
— Victoria, Interior Designer, Reston, VA

Sign up and pay full price before Tuesday, September 5 and you’ll also receive your choice of


an energy chart to help anchor in your intentions for the program   


an oracle card reading to help clarify a question you may have about your creative life or project


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Name your price. 

That’s right!

Because I want everyone to have access to facilitated group support for this transformational work, I'm offering a sliding scale for those who need it.  

The minimum price is $120 (that's only $10 a week, or 2 lattes!)  

Need a payment plan? Send me an email!



You are creative.

And you can create with ease.

You just have to get out of your own way and let yourself be the brilliant, creative soul that you are.


Join me.


Got questions?  Read on...

What if I have to miss a class?

All classes will be recorded and you will receive a link to a dropbox folder where you can listen to the recording on your own time.  While engaging with the other participants in the class will offer the greatest opportunity for support, everyone's schedules can get a little crazy from time to time and missing a class once in a while is no big deal as long as you're keeping up with the material in your own time.

How do I connect with the class?

You will receive call-in details the week before class starts. Previous classes have been held over the phone using a conference line.  I am considering adding a face-to-face component to enhance our connection with each other for this class.  If you feel strongly one way or the other please reach out and let me know!

What if I haven't read the first book, The Artist's Way?

While Walking in This World is a companion book to The Artist's Way and considered a sequel, the material stands on its own pretty well.  There is some carry over in concepts, like doing daily morning pages (journaling 3 pages) and taking weekly artist's dates, but the rest of the material and exercises are new.  Where The Artist's Way focuses on recovering the creative self after neglect, trauma, or general stuck-ness, Walking in This World focuses on helping you discover your creative self, helping you unearth what it is you have to say and express as a creative being and live your life saying it!.

What if I can't afford the investment? Can't I just read the book for free on my own or with friends?

Yes, you can work through the book for free on your own or with friends.  Many people do and have amazing results.  However, like taking classes at a yoga or dance studio instead of doing it alone in the living room or taking a class at a college instead of reading the textbook with friends, there is immense benefit in paying for the added expertise of a teacher and the personal attention in the material's application.  As a certified life coach, energy worker, voice teacher, and musician, I create a safe space and serve as a witness to your experience.  I offer feedback, guidance, and insight to help you dive even more deeply into the text and exercises, thereby increasing your results.  Additionally, payment reflects your attention and encourages your personal commitment and accountability to the work.  Participants in my classes typically experience life changing transformation and have never been sorry for their investment.

I do offer a sliding scale to help my work be accessible to as many people as possible.


Don't see your question answered here, reach out!  I'd love to connect with you.


Discover your creative self.

Join me.

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