My clients are incredible. I love them. And I love watching them grow into their creative potential.

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I came to Angela to work on projecting my voice and, a matter of months later, left with a new outlook on life. Angela’s holistic approach helped me find my voice - both literally and creatively - by reconnecting with my entire being. Thanks to Angela, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for my inner wisdom and have unlocked creativity I never knew I had. The struggles I’d faced for years before we began our sessions are now fading into the background as I move along a new career path that is bringing me more joy each and every day.
— PH, Documentary Filmmaker

I have worked with:

  • teachers

  • actors

  • teens

  • government employees

  • coaches

  • parents

  • dancers

  • lawyers

  • singers

  • artists

  • entrepreneurs

People work with me when:

  • their "usual" isn't working

  • they crave something different, something deeper

  • they're hungry to unearth why they're stuck

  • they want to create with their whole selves

  • they're intrigued by creating with cosmic support

  • they always loved to sing but stopped

  • they suffer from performance anxiety

  • they're tired of creating being so hard

  • they're ready to move past their inner critic and naysayers

  • they want design and branding that feels fully authentic

  • they're spiritually-inclined


Do You think you might be one of my future clients?

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