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My clients are incredible. I love them. And I love watching them grow into their creative potential.

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I came to Angela to work on projecting my voice and, a matter of months later, left with a new outlook on life. Angela’s holistic approach helped me find my voice - both literally and creatively - by reconnecting with my entire being. Thanks to Angela, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for my inner wisdom and have unlocked creativity I never knew I had. The struggles I’d faced for years before we began our sessions are now fading into the background as I move along a new career path that is bringing me more joy each and every day.
— PH, Documentary Filmmaker

I have worked with:

  • teachers
  • actors
  • teens
  • government employees
  • parents
  • dancers
  • lawyers
  • singers
  • artists

People work with me when:

  • their "usual" isn't working
  • they crave something different, something deeper
  • they're hungry to unearth why they're stuck
  • they want to create with their whole selves
  • they're intrigued by creating with cosmic support
  • they always loved to sing but stopped
  • they suffer from performance anxiety
  • they're tired of creating being so hard
  • they're ready to move past their inner critic and naysayers
  • I definitely recommend working with Angela. She takes a holistic approach, creates a safe environment for sharing, and meets her students where they are. She will push you to explore outside of your comfort zone so that you can grow. She also helps you to explore where your limits are. This applies to both voice and life coaching aspects of her teaching. For me, the most transformative part of the SoulSinging experience was acknowledging the true me: that part of me that is strong and confident that I shove into a corner. Giving myself permission to acknowledge her and her needs was a breakthrough. It is fun to work with someone who sees the place for science, soul, technique, emotion, spiritual, physical, and emotional impacts and how they connect with each other. That connection is what lets us find and use our true voice!
    — JS, Science Teacher
  • Your teaching about voice, and music in general has been invaluable. Even more than that, though, you’ve helped me to grow artistically and spiritually, too. Thank you for guiding me past the fears I had about singing and for helping me to understand that it’s okay to not be perfect. It’s always wonderful to have a teacher that you want to work hard for and who wants to see you succeed. They’re the ones who really inspire, and the ones you’ll always remember.
    — BL, actor
  • Angela has taught me to recognize what my body tells me, and that your body, mind and soul are forever connected to your voice. One of the things I’ll always remember, is our first time meeting she said, “We’re gonna find your voice”. I thought that was such an amazing and loaded statement, because I truly have found my voice, not only what others can hear or what I can hear, but spiritually and emotionally. The voice is so much more than just singing. Singing is so much more than just sound, it’s emotion and if you aren’t connected with yourself it’s never going to be authentic.
    — CR, School Counselor & Personal Trainer
  • The Artist's Way class with Angela was so inspiring! Each week I learned to delve a little more deeply into the blocks that are stopping me from living a creative life of my choosing. I feel as if I am now in a place that is open to all possibilities and that nagging censor has calmed its voice. Thank you Angela for all that you did to lead a wonderful class!
    — MU

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