What We Do

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What we do here is awaken the creator within and let Her/Him create through us, so that we can live juicy, courageous, authentic creative lives.

Creativity is a spiritual journey, a journey to the core of who you are.

For you cannot create from the outside-in - that is merely following direction.

True creativity is an act of expressing your soul, letting it speak through your art, music, dance, parenting, business, cooking, style, and beyond.

Creating is an inside-out job.

Yet, over the course of a lifetime, so much can impede your ability to hear, trust, and express those inner creative urges.  Fear, doubt, rejection, negativity, cynicism, and harsh criticism can obscure the creative flow until even the desire starts to wane.

But it doesn't have to stay that way.


That's what Awakened Creator is all about:

Remembering  Reconnecting.  Reinvigorating the creative soul.

Healing and releasing the pain that that has stood in your way and

unleashing your inner artist.

Because life is meant to be lived out loud, in color, juicy, and joyful and filled with authentic self-expression.


Questions?  Send Angela an email!


Reach out and get the support you need.

Angela offers 1:1 coaching, energetic charts and card readings, and will soon be launching an academy where you can learn at your own pace.

Or join her for Walking in this World, a supported journey through Julia Cameron's second book in the Artist's Way series.

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