I believe that if everyone could connect with and fully express their innate creativity, the world would be a very, very different place:  

One of decreased isolation, addiction, violence, and strife. 

One of increased peace, beauty, respect, and trust.


The arts provide a safe haven for so many growing up and provide solace, cultural commentary, and reflection for the world at large. 

Yet, increasingly, funding for the arts is among the first on the chopping block.


So I invite you to join me. 

Unlock your own creative authenticity through scheduling 1-3 deeply discounted coaching sessions (only 10 available!)

and help fund an organization* that promotes arts education in the US, so that more children might be able to experience the magical connections of creating and more artists might have more places to share their art with those who need it most.


What does a coaching session entail?

Me meeting you where you are and providing you with tools, potent questions, and wisdom to help you get out of your own way and discover your true, authentic, creative self, the 'you' underneath all the societal conditioning and expectations and thoughts that hold you back from reaching toward your dreams. 

It can look like uncovering the messages within an illness, injury, or dream.  Or working to decode and rewrite the script that may be playing over and over again in your mind as you attempt to move forward in a bigger way.  Or learning to honor the emotions that are so easy to cast aside.  Or learning to use the body as a signpost for the soul's truth.

It looks likes intense listening and you feeling seen and heard and supported.

A session can help you find clarity, confidence, greater ease and freedom, healing, and so much more!

Give it a try and sign up below!

*25% of all proceeds will go to an arts organization. Those currently under consideration are Americans for the Arts and Adopt the Arts.  Have one you know is doing amazing work? Let me know!!